Our Strategic Partners set Tahoe Capital Partners apart. By aligning with the very best, we are able to stay on top of industry trends and tap key resources to create true stakeholder value for our investors, borrowers, employees and vendors.

Redwood Real Estate Administration is the only third party administration firm anywhere that focuses exclusively on non-institutional sized, real estate asset based funds, syndications, and managers.

Fiducia Labs has built the Marko Alternative Investment Platform to fill that void in the marketplace. Marko has been architected and designed specifically to streamline the entire process from start to finish and all points in between.


Pinion Construction Services provides comprehensive services and support to lenders, owners, developers and contractors to help manage the success of construction lending projects.

The principles of the company have extensive experience and knowledge in both construction management, finance and accounting practices allowing clients to rely on PCS as a true partner to address any needs that may arise throughout the construction process.

• Construction Disbursement Control

• Pre-construction & Feasibility

• Construction Management

Contractors License No. 82710 | Escrow Agency License No. 4606